Book Two Announcement: TITLE, UPDATE, and SYNOPSIS

It's time I caught you up on Book Two!

Codex Series Book Two TITLE!

Earlier this year, I finished the first draft of my second book in the Codex series! That's right — The Secret of the Codex has a sequel! Well, it has a second book in the series, which will definitely have a third and possibly a fourth. I'll have to see how the third one plays out...


I thought it was time to get you all up to speed on the title of book 2! It's pretty evocative (in my humble opinion) so I just love it. Ready?

Drumroll please...

Book Two in the Codex series is officially called...

The Prophecy of the Codex!!

Makes sense, right? Well, you haven't read the book, I understand, but it makes sense to me. 😂

Codex Series Book Two UPDATE!

The editing is going VERY SLOWLY, but it's going. (Editing's not my favorite part of the process, but it sure makes for a much better book at the end!) My tentative timeline is getting the first round of edits done by the end of May, sending it out to beta readers over the summer (you KNOW I'll be sending out more info on that as we get closer!), then working on some other things I've got planned for you all!

For The Prophecy of the Codex, I HOPE (fingers crossed) to have it ready to publish in the first half of 2020. Yes, you read that right, NEXT YEAR. I'd better get to work!

But this year promises to be really fun as well! I've got so many great things in the stay tuned! (And it may turn out to be a pretty big year for me, too!)

Codex Series Book Two SYNOPSIS!

And just because you all stick with me, here's my first attempt at a synopsis, to give you a little taste of what The Prophecy of the Codexis all about. 😁 Enjoy!


With the Secret of the Codex finally revealed, the Four (Kayla, Grady, Mandy, and Justin) are just trying to get back to their normal lives. But destiny has other plans.

A mysterious disappearance in a museum sets into motion a terrifying chain of events, multiple occurrences that can’t be coincidence and can only mean one thing: their greatest of enemies is back. 

And a new journey begins. This time around, old friends become family, old enemies become friends, new enemies become ruthless, and the strongest of relationships are tested. But one thing’s for sure: Kayla, Grady, Mandy, and Justin are headed into their most dangerous and life-changing journey yet.


What'd you think? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Melissa

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Have a great week!