Welcome to my online home! I'm Melissa Frey, Author, Book Editor, YouTuber, Patreon Creator, and Lover of Stories. Oh — and a Grammar Nerd. I write stories because writing makes my soul sing — and I can't wait to share with you what I have coming next!



I write supernatural books set in the real world. My current series is an archaeological supernatural thriller where four archaeologists, Kayla, Grady, Mandy, and Justin, are on the hunt for an ancient secret. Think Indiana Jones meets National Treasure! Check out more below…

The Secret of the Codex

My first book, The Secret of the Codex, is out now! You can purchase the paperback on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and the ebook on Amazon Kindle. It's also free on Kindle Unlimited! I recently announced a re-release of this book with a new cover and new content, including a preview of book 2 — coming November 12, 2019!

The Prophecy of the Codex

My second book, The Prophecy of the Codex, is in the editing phase and is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2020! It's the follow up to the first book, and it's my favorite of the two. (Can an author have favorites??) I post excerpts frequently on Instagram and will definitely be posting more as the release gets closer (ahhhh!), so give me a follow to get all the goodies!

The Third Codex Book (Unnamed)

I have officially started the third book in the Codex series! It may be the final book in the series, but it may not be...I'm a pantser (I don't plot my novels out before I write them), so we'll find out together! (I kind of hope it's not the last book, though. We'll see how the story goes.)

The Codex Series YA Spinoff

Yes, I've started a YA (young adult) spinoff to the Codex series! If you've read The Secret of the Codex, you've met Holun, who will be featured prominently and will likely be the main character in the series! You meet some other important YA characters in book 2 and will see more in book 3 as well! I'm really excited about this one, y'all.

Unnamed Paranormal Romance

I've written the beginning of this one and a really fun (and steamy) scene, and I already have an idea of the plot. (Like, I really VERY basic idea, since I'm a pantser, you know.) It's not my usual genre, but it was too fun to ignore.


Author Services

I offer a variety of author services to help writers build their platform, polish their books, and make social media a breeze! Check out my services page for a list of things I can do to help you!

Book Editing

I am currently accepting editing clients. These slots can book up fast, so be sure to contact me to get your next book on my schedule! Here's what I offer:

  • Proofreading

  • Copyediting

  • Content Editing

  • Chapter Critiques

Prices vary based on how quickly you need it done and the type of editing required. I offer no-obligation first chapter edits so you can try me out! Just contact me to get started. For more information, please click here.

Content Creation

I love to create beautiful pictures for social media, websites, blogs, and even book launches! Contact me to get started with helping you build your author brand. For more about how I can help you make your online presence the best it can be, check out this page.

Website Design

My husband, Andrew, and I design and build websites for authors, too! Andrew focuses on the backend, web-design stuff, while I hone in on the branding and visual look of the site. To find out more, please reach out!


Other Projects


You can find editing advice (and sometimes other bookish things, too!) on my AuthorTube (YouTube for Authors). I post videos on Fridays, so be sure to subscribe to catch them all!


My Patreon page is officially live! Patreon is a site where readers (in my case) can support creatives (authors, in my case) in creating their work. Basically, YOU get to be a part of their creative process! And support some wonderful creatives along the way.

And to say thank you for your support, the creatives give you some pretty cool things! For my page, I have four tiers with varying thank you gifts. My tiers start at just $2 per month and you can get extras like:

  • exclusive Patron-only content, announcements, and community

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  • a special (Codex-related) welcome gift for tiers $10/month or higher

  • edits of your writing and the chance to ask me any questions you have one-on-one (via email)

  • even physical advance copies of my future books!

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