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I'm Melissa Frey, Author, Editor, YouTuber, Patreon Creator, Lover of Stories, and a Grammar Nerd. I write stories because writing makes my soul sing.


I am a Book Editor and Writing Coach who helps you tell your unique story and present your best work to the world.

So thankful to have connected with Melissa! Not only does she write amazing books, but she can edit anything you put in front of her, to perfection. I have reached out to her for help with countless projects from essays, formal letters, and presentations that won 1st place at a Federal conference. I am constantly amazed by her work, professionalism, and how quick her turn around is. Even in cases where I only have a thought of what I want to say, she is able to sit with me and ask all the necessary questions to create a work of art.
— Tabatha D., Masters Student

The Secret of The Codex


I write supernatural books set in the real world. My debut novel, The Secret of the Codex, is an archaeological supernatural thriller and the first book in the Codex Series.