What I Offer (My Writing and Editing Services)

Ready for an editor, but you’re not sure which kind? Here’s how I can help you:

  • Manuscript Critique, partial or full. You'll tell me what you're struggling with and I'll read through your story looking for ways to make it better. I'll be looking for typos, grammatical errors, developmental issues, and the like, plus giving you feedback on anything you've identified to me as a problem area. It's a little like a developmental edit, but not as in-depth.

  • Line (or Copy) and Content Editing. I'll give your manuscript the full editing treatment, looking for typos and grammatical errors as well as any inconsistencies I spot while reading. I'll note overused words and places that a synonym would make the text stronger and will also suggest sentence structure edits for readability. This is an in-depth edit of your manuscript and helps make your writing better. While some developmental items may be noted, this form of editing does not take into account the overall story or character arcs. This type of editing also includes Proofreading. A lighter version of editing, I will read through the manuscript and note typos and grammatical errors, including punctuation and other technical concerns. This is great for seasoned writers that just need a second pair of eyes. Proofreading makes good writing shine.

  • Writing Coaching/Advice. Just need someone to talk to, someone who's been through writing a book and can lend a compassionate ear? Sometimes the things that feel like a huge block to us can be solved by just getting some third party advice. Whether your block is big or small, sometimes a little writing advice is all you need to get past that hurdle and get your book done!

*rates vary based on length of manuscript (word count), assistance needed, and your desired timeframe

I offer no-obligation first chapter edits so you can see if I'm a good fit for your manuscript.
Email me at
melissa@melissafrey.com or fill out the Contact Form below to get started!


My Commitments to You

Here's how it works: First, I don't expect you to know right away if you're ready to work with me. That'd be like agreeing to get married before going on a date! So I'll talk with you about what you need, give you a little sample of how I can help, then you can decide if you want to move forward with my services. Easy! And there are no hard feelings if you decide I'm not a good fit for your manuscript.

Second, I'll keep you informed of the process. It would be aggravating to send what is probably your most prized possession to someone and not know where it's at! I'll be upfront with you about my timeframe and keep you posted if things change.

Third, I want to make sure you're happy with the results. So feel free to speak up! If you're not happy with something, let me know. I'll do my best to fix it.

What You Can Do

  1. Be Honest. If something doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to let me know what's not working for you.

  2. Be Open. Someone else critiquing your manuscript can be very difficult. And my opinions aren't the absolute truth! But it is helpful to get a second pair of eyes on your story, just to see if there's something I catch that you've overlooked.

  3. Spread the Love! If you found value in working with me, I'd appreciate it if you'd write a testimonial for my services! Testimonials help others find me so they can make their manuscript the best it can be, too.

Need a little more information before you decide? Check out my free mini e-book, Ten Questions Every Author Should Ask a Prospective Editor, to find out everything you need to know before hiring an editor.

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