Ten Questions Every Author Should Ask a Prospective Editor

Ten Questions Every Author Should Ask a Prospective Editor

Writing a book is a big deal. I get it. You've spent hours, days, weeks, months on your book and can't wait to get it out into the world, right?

Let's not toss it up on Amazon just yet.

Remember those hours, days, weeks, and months you spent on your book? You've spent more time with your book than you've spent with most of your friends. (I mean, probably.) It's almost like your CHILD. They don't call it a "book baby" for nothing!

So why settle for less than putting your best possible book out into the world?

Book Two Announcement: TITLE, UPDATE, and SYNOPSIS

It's time I caught you up on Book Two!

Codex Series Book Two TITLE!

Earlier this year, I finished the first draft of my second book in the Codex series! That's right — The Secret of the Codex has a sequel! Well, it has a second book in the series, which will definitely have a third and possibly a fourth. I'll have to see how the third one plays out...


I thought it was time to get you all up to speed on the title of book 2! It's pretty evocative (in my humble opinion) so I just love it. Ready?