Worship Night

So far on this blog I've covered life advice, biblical insights, and a few Paleo posts; figured it's time I talked about the musician side of me!My husband and I lead worship at various churches in our area whenever and wherever we're needed. We've had consistent "gigs" at churches before, but we're in between those at the moment. It gets to be a lot of work to do music every Sunday with both of our full-time jobs!In this process of filling in, we've started to see the benefit of having a sort of "music video" that would show us leading worship. Up until last week, we didn't have anything except a poorly filmed recording from the front pew of a church on a MacBook. With congregation noise, off-beat clapping, off-key singing... it was time to record something else.My sister and her husband graciously opened their super-cute, character-filled home to us and a small group of people last week and we did a worship night! It was way out of our comfort zone - both the songs we picked and the setting - but we feel like it turned out pretty well.Of course, being the perfectionists we are, my husband and I both went through a period of questioning what we did, analyzing what we could have done better, thinking we should have talked more, used more scripture...but I quickly reminded myself that God's got this. 'Cause doesn't He have everything?We did the best we could, the best we knew how to do given that we hadn't done anything like that before, and it is what it is! Que sera, sera.Worship Night 052115Here's our set list:Worship Night Set List 052115A little gets lost in translation, as we did a medley of a few of the songs, and nixed the Doxology, but it was so fun! We got to know some new people, we got to sing - a lot, and we stayed out after dark! (We are normally very boring people.)It took me the entire long weekend to catch up on my sleep.Moral of the story: if God gives you an idea, pursue it. Just do it! Don't shy away because you're scared, or unsure, or afraid you'll look stupid. We almost cancelled a few times, and originally wanted to do it in March but kept putting it off.Even if we totally bombed the video, even if we never see a single thing come from it, I believe we were obedient to what God called us to do. And who knows? Maybe that simple act of obedience is why we've been given the opportunity to lead worship for the next two weeks, at two different churches! Sometimes God works in ways we can't possibly understand.Keep pursuing the dreams, ideas, and path God lays out for you! Be brave! It will be worth it. Promise.When were you brave and did what you knew God wanted you to do? When did you wish you would have, but didn't?