My Weekend in Twelve Tips

This weekend has been busy (aren't they all!), but I wanted to reach out to all of you with a few healthy living tips!First, drink water.Second, buy healthy food.Third, make the healthy food accessible.Fourth, get enough sleep. Like, sleep a lot.Fifth, get outside. Or at least open a window.Sixth, have a date night with your spouse (or girlfriend, or get the picture).Seventh, find quiet.Eighth, when you wake up early on a Saturday, go back to sleep.Ninth, when your nieces are playing with dolls, teach them to braid hair.Tenth, when you wake up early on a Sunday, accept that you're just going to need a nap later. Playing music is fun, even at 8am.Eleventh, don't judge the grocery clerk for not knowing what turnips are. Or plantains.Twelfth, if a shirt makes you feel good and it's under four dollars, buy it, even if it's not practical.Okay, I guess I'll stop there. That was kind of my weekend in a nutshell. Here's why...Water: essential to life, and singing. And sometimes you're just dang thirsty. Drink it. Milk's not what does your body good; water is.I went grocery shopping, and bought - like I do just about every week - a ton of vegetables, fruits, and meats. My hubby and I kind of turned it into a date day, and he got to pick the flavors of Larabars he likes, so win win. And in the clerk's defense, our grocery store does ring up plantains as bananas...I had a mad food-prep morning on Friday, and actually got a blister on my finger from cutting up so many vegetables. But bonus: no more food prep all weekend. :)Okay, so I never get nearly enough sleep. Wish I did. Need to.So our air conditioning decided to go out on Friday. Praise God for Michigan June weather. (70 degree highs, 40-50 degree lows - we managed) And for renting. Having the windows open has been really nice, though. #backtonature #hardlyThursday night was a concert at a church an hour or so away, so we got a mini-roadtrip in! It was really fun, and we learned so much. (It was a worship band that has recorded several albums; we even did one of their songs this morning in church!) Another date night - we haven't gotten sick of each other yet. *smile*So the "find quiet" point was actually talking to myself. We got to do a little of that this morning after church (there was only one early service!) and it was so nice. We all need more quiet in our lives.Yeah...couldn't really go back to sleep Saturday morning. Not sure what that was about.I got to see my nieces on Friday! And teach the oldest how to braid hair - love it. Since they just moved to town, I hope to see them much more often! Yay!Music is fun. Even at 8am. I just repeated myself. It was so I could remind myself that it was still fun at 8am. (Still fun at 8am, still fun at 8am...) Ha! It actually really was. I love to be used to lead others in worship.I'm sure there's a lots of things I don't know. I just keep reminding myself that I had no clue what a turnip looked like either until a few months ago. So I try not to judge; instead I try to think of it as a teaching moment - plantains are yummy! Buy some and try them! (But cook them first; plantain chips are so good.)And the shirt? Thank you, Target, for making a shirt that no 30-year-old woman should wear but that made this one feel good so I actually went back and bought it the next day and will probably only wear it around the house but it doesn't matter because it made me feel good.Okay - so this post is kind of weird this week, right? Whew! I just thought it was me.Have a great week!