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I'm Melissa Frey, Author, Editor, YouTuber, Patreon Creator, Lover of Stories, and a Grammar Nerd. I write stories because writing makes my soul sing.


I am a Book Editor and Content Creator who helps you tell your unique story and present your best work to the world.

So thankful to have connected with Melissa! I am constantly amazed by her work, professionalism, and how quick her turn around is. Even in cases where I only have a thought of what I want to say, she is able to sit with me and ask all the necessary questions to create a work of art.
— Tabatha D., Masters Student
Melissa was super helpful in getting my planner in top shape for publication. Thanks to her fast-turnaround and helpful suggestions, I was able to launch my planner with confidence. I highly recommend her—she goes the extra mile!
— Alicia de los Reyes,

The Secret of The Codex


I write supernatural books set in the real world. My debut novel, The Secret of the Codex, is an archaeological supernatural thriller and the first book in the Codex Series.

I would definitely recommend The Secret of the Codex to anyone who wants to feel immersed in a world similar to your own, but filled with hidden magic that only you can find. With lip-biting cliffhangers throughout the novel, this supernatural archaeological thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to finish.
— Maverick Moses, Author of Karma's Children