Yet Another Reminder of the Faithfulness of God

Yet Another Reminder of the Faithfulness of GodI just got back from a walk around our neighborhood. I thought I wanted to walk, but then once I was out there, I wished I had just stayed home. (Isn't it supposed to work the opposite of that?) But I was determined to walk at least a mile. (This is a new habit for me, no judgment.)Eventually, the walking got a little easier, and with some good tunes pumping through my earbuds, I actually was getting through it. I think I was almost smiling! (Short aside: It's been in the high 80s here for like a week and a half – and I was LOVING it – but the heat broke today and it was a little chilly. Depressing.)Then I rounded a corner, turned toward my house. Guess what I saw? One small, yet brightly lit, little section of a rainbow. Then, as I started smiling, these lyrics came over my earbuds (on a completely secular song, by the way):I ain't going nowherePut your faith in meI'll be all you need, I swearI'm gonna be right hereFunny how the most random things sync up to create a wow moment, huh?It reminded me of one of my posts from 2015, where I talked about the faithfulness of God, even when life doesn't seem so bad but you still feel something's a little off.I came back and read through the post, and realized I'm in a similar place right now. This time, we're waiting on some very big things to happen in our lives, but the timing is completely up in the air. We see certain imagined deadlines come and go, and we get discouraged. Resources are starting to dry up, and we feel our hope being slowly drained away with each day that passes with no news.But God is faithful. When life is good, when life is hard, when life is fabulous, or empty, or uncertain, GOD IS FAITHFUL. He doesn't change because our circumstances do. He doesn't change although we're not sure what's going to happen and when. He has promised to take care of us.The rainbow showed me that.. . .P.S. Maybe you're in a similar place, too. Stay strong, hold on to hope, and keep your eyes open for little reminders of the faithfulness of God.