The Setting of the Codex

Hello Again!

Who here has ever wanted to escape into a fictional world?

*raises hand*

Yup, me too.

The world of The Secret of the Codex is still my favorite place to hang out for a while — and it was a great place to watch the story unfold. (That's probably why I made it into a series — I just want to stay there forever.) But the setting (well, settings) wasn't actually fictional! (There are a ton, which required a lot of research. But it was fun research.)

Our heroes travel to several different locales, through multiple countries and continents, and I was able to find places that accurately fit the story and the characters. Someday I hope to travel to each and every one!

But until then, let's go on a visual journey together, through the settings in The Secret of the Codex. 

First, Orlando, Florida.


This is a pic of the bookshelves in Kayla's office.

Okay, hers was probably messier, but you get the picture. (pun intended)

If you've already read the three-chapter preview, you can probably picture it! (If you haven't, why not? It's free! Sign up here to get it sent right to your inbox.

Lamanai, Northern Belize (The Archaeological Dig)


Oooooo...that looks a little ominous... Probably when one of the many rainstorms are about to pelt the dig. That certainly creates a pretty epic setting for drama. (Like maybe Kayla and Grady drama...hmmmm...) 

The Rainforest Surrounding Lamanai


Gah. Can I go here? 

The Underground Cave at Lamanai


The cave that started it all. (And that kinda looks like Kayla, right? I mean, she's in shadow, so it could totally be her. We're gonna go with that.) 

The Road to Belize City (see previous post for an excerpt!)


Location #1


(I'll let you find out where specifically in the book) :)

Lots of hiking, camping, and spelunking. Ha! That word cracks me up. 

Location #2


So many things happen at this location! (#allthefeels) It may be one you've visited — it's on my bucket list! (And this may or may not be an actual pic of the location. Probably none of these are. lol) 

Location #3


YAAAS. #gorgeous 

Location #4


Mercenaries' Camp


 That's all for now! What do you think? Does it help you really visualize the locations?

And can you tell I love the mountains and the forest??

<3 Melissa