Author Interview #2 — Alyssa Markins (and Book Launch Pics!)

Guess what? I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed a second time! (Check out my first author interview here!) This time, the fabulous Alyssa Markins conducted the interview and put it on her website — under the heading "Creativity and Coffee." Isn't that awesome?I had so much fun answering all these questions and letting others know about my book!

Positive Writer Guest Post!

Just wanted to stop by to say I wrote a guest post for Positive Writer—and it was posted today! It was so fun to write, and I'm so honored to be published on their site!The article is all about how to finally finish that project you started but can't seem to complete. Since mine took me TEN YEARS to finish, I figured I was uniquely qualified to write about what I learned. :)Check it out!HOW TO GET PAST EXCUSES AND FINISH YOUR WRITING!How to Get Past Excuses and Finish Your Writing!<3 Melissa