Supernatural 200th Episode Review

Summer is finally here!Sunday was the first day it really felt like summer here in the frozen north, and I loved every minute! I’m glad we get a few more months to bask in the warmth.What’s your favorite summer activity? Ours is... TV! Well, not really, but on super hot days it can be nice to sit in air conditioning and relax, or just chill on the couch from a long day outside. This past Saturday was our day like that - we were outside almost all day helping out at a garage sale. We sold a lot of stuff, made a decent amount of money, and spent time with family! But we were pretty tired out after being in and out of the sun all day, so we relaxed that evening with the 200th episode of Supernatural (S.10, Ep.5). And it was AMAZING.Don’t worry; there aren’t any spoilers. :)Supernatural 200th Episode ReviewThe episode is all about Sam and Dean (surprise!) stumbling onto a new case: mysterious disappearances in - wait for it - Flint, Michigan! (see my previous post about Flint - there was no way the episode was filmed there, but that’s where they said it was located! Ha!)Anyway, the boys pull up in the Impala to an all-girls school and not-so-quickly realize that the disappearances are all centered around the school play. And that the school play is called “Supernatural” and is based on the books written about their lives. The books were written by a prophet who dreamt about their lives unknowingly and turned those dreams into a fiction series that developed a strong cult following! (See season 5 for the back story on that) There, of course, are some hilarious moments, including Dean hating the musical numbers (obviously), the cast members not all believing Sam and Dean when they tell them the truth about “Supernatural”, and various jabs at the cast and story.This episode ranks high on my list of their best episodes, right up there with the episode where they found themselves on the set of their lives (S.6 Ep.15) or the one where they were thrown into an alternate reality where they both were office grunts and weren’t brothers (S.4 Ep.17), or the one where Dean kept dying over and over (S.3 Ep.11)… there are so many greats to choose from.This episode allowed us die-hard fans to geek out - especially when they showed all the past title screen openers they’ve used. Once we realized that’s what they had done, we went back watched the opening screenshots a second time before even continuing with the show.And the song at the end: there’s not much I can say without giving it away. So go watch it. It’s an amazing rendition of a show favorite, and I have a feeling Jensen's and Jared’s tears may have been real.So have you seen it yet? If so, what did you think? If not, go watch it and tell me what you think! I know it was a few seasons ago, but with the miracle of Netflix, my husband and I were finally able to watch it for the first time. And given how great this episode was, we’ll probably watch it a second time. Maybe even a third.*This page contains affiliate links, which means if you use those links to make a purchase, I receive a commission at no extra cost to you.*