Codex Series - Book #2 Update

Codex Series - Book #2 UpdateSince I've been writing like crazy these days (and am making a lot of progress on my second novel!), I figured it was time for a book update. Yay! Writing is my favorite thing; seriously, like my absolute favorite thing (besides spending time with my hubby, of course), so I love when I get to share it with you!After the completion of my first novel, I knew my characters had more to say, but I wasn't sure how they would say it. So I started writing again. And when I started my second novel, I was having so much fun getting back to my characters, seeing what was next for them. It was great!But in any good story, conflict is inevitable. And though I hated it, I knew my main characters – the ones I love so much – would run into trouble. I just wasn't aware how much trouble when I started writing it.Writing can be heartbreaking.To give you just a tiny little glimpse into the agony I've been feeling for my characters in this second book (when I first wrote this part, I was sad for an entire weekend), I wanted to share a quote I keep coming back to, one that breaks my heart every time I read it.

She hated how nervous he was around her now – just yesterday there were no secrets between them.

Any further explanation would give too much away, but I wanted to share that quote with you so you can get a little taste of things to come. And don't worry – this sentence is at the beginning of an excellent, wonderful scene, one which totally got me out of my melancholic mood, had me grinning ear to ear, and *almost* completely redeems the sad stuff before it.What do you think? Does the quote make you want to know more? Let your imagination run wild – that's the whole purpose of fiction in the first place!