Big Announcement (and a Book Excerpt)!!!

In case you haven't heard, I made a BIG announcement on Instagram just last week!Side note: if you're not following me on Instagram, why not? I have so much fun over there, and post a ton of #shelfies and other book nerd geek out pics. Connect with me @melissafreyauthor! So are you ready? Drumroll please...THE SECRET OF THE CODEX LAUNCHES 8/28/18!AHHHHH! I'm so excited! I started writing this book in the summer of 2008, so this book's a decade in the making. (Wow. Yes, I said a DECADE.)And to say thank you to those who follow my blog, I thought I'd give you a little excerpt from the book, one you haven't seen yet! This section is actually directly after the three chapter preview!Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kayla watched the workers finish prepping the area with indifference. Something felt off, but whatever was wrong—whatever was bothering her—would not be resolved until she started exploring. Something in this enormous cavern held the answers. She could feel it.

As if in answer to an unasked question, her attention was then inexplicably drawn to the large, towering boulder in the center of the room. She barely registered the prattling workers nearby, Jack securing the final floodlight, Grady double-checking the setup…her eyes were drawn to the tall boulder and the glowing sphere sitting on top of it. As she stood there, staring up at the globe from at least thirty feet below, it hit her. The sphere—the oddly illuminated but otherwise innocuous globe sitting atop the stately boulder—held all the answers she needed.

She needed to get up there.

Ignoring an excavator’s tentative protest—just another benefit of being the boss—Kayla grabbed a long metal ladder off the wall and pulled it toward the center of the room. She smacked it against the boulder resolutely. Her scientific side was quickly taking over.

She scaled the ladder quickly, eager to find out what about the glowing ball had her so intrigued. Once she reached the top, she found herself staring directly into the center of the globe.

The light should have hurt her eyes. That was her first thought. Her second thought was that it could be too hot to touch. Her third thought was that although the sphere was large, it still looked small enough to carry. Ignoring her second thought, she braced herself against the side of the boulder and reached for the glowing ball. It wasn’t hot at all.

But it didn’t budge.

She tugged harder. It still didn’t move.

Kayla sighed in frustration. If she pulled any harder, she risked breaking it, or knocking the ladder over. Reluctantly, she decided to simply do a cursory exam. No use wasting her time—or anyone else’s time—when she was already up here.

Her hands traced lightly over the globe’s surface. The feel of it reminded Kayla of the rocks she and her sister had frequently plucked from the creek behind their house—smooth and clean. Though she didn’t know how the sphere had lasted this long down here without collecting a thick layer of dust.


The top layer of the ball was translucent, allowing the light at its center to shine through, similar to the walls surrounding her. Kayla looked more closely at the glowing center, gazing into the luminescence inside. As she watched—with ever-widening eyes—the light began moving, swirling.

Something was happening.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'd love to hear your thoughts below! I can't wait until August 28th for you all to read the rest of it!<3 Melissa