A Case for Netflix's Iron Fist - Review

Iron Fist NetflixMy husband and I just finished watching the first season of Iron Fist on Netflix. (Full disclosure: he watched the first episode by himself and promptly said: "babe, you have to watch this." He's usually right about these things, so I picked it up at episode 2.) And let me tell you – it was NOTHING like the internet said. Nope, it was actually AMAZING.Let me explain.First, here's the basic premise of the show: 10-year-old Danny Rand goes on a plane trip with his parents, the extremely wealthy owners of Rand Corporation, and the plane goes down in the Himalayas. Everyone dies (not really a spoiler alert), but he is rescued by a mystical group of monks from a hidden city. They train him for 15 years in kung fu until the way back to the real world opens up again. (You'll have to watch it for a better explanation.) He heads back to New York City, where he's from, and that's where the hero's journey begins. (dun, dun, dun)I haven't really read most of the bad reviews, but I heard people say the first few episodes were slow and frustrating. My husband, a fellow writer, described it like this: the first few episodes were so frustrating because they were frustrating to the main character, Danny Rand.Making the watcher feel what the characters are feeling; if that's not excellent writing, I don't know what is.And it just got better from there. The nuances, the plot twists (OH MY GOODNESS THE PLOT TWIST), the romances, the deceptions, the deaths, the deaths that didn't really stick, the special effects, the fight scenes, the absolutely EPIC final battle (one of the many, but this one included an AMAZING display of Danny Rand's special powers)... Okay.I won't reveal any spoilers because I figure the people reading this probably haven't seen the show yet, but you definitely should. Like, it's worth paying the Netflix fee for a month just to binge it.Just go watch it, trust me.